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Workers' Memorial Day

Market Walk

Council Tax Frozen as Council makes Market Walk Profit

Following the acquisition of Market Walk Shopping Centre, Chorley Council have already received £160,000 profit from the popular shopping centre.

Next year, the council is set to receive in excess of £400,000 profit.

Thanks to the income created through Market Walk and other revenue sources, the Labour controlled Chorley Council will freeze its element of your Council Tax this year. In addition, the council will invest just over £1m in services in the community.

Your local Conservatives voted against the purchase of Market Walk – ignoring the opportunity to raise revenue, with no plan to address huge cuts in government funding of 13% for Chorley Council.

One Nation LabourLabour Reforms Will Make Every School As Good As Britain’s Best

We have the best generation of teachers ever in our schools, but if every child is to have the skills to help Britain earn its way out of this cost of living crisis, we need every school to be as good as Britain’s best.

The next Labour Government is committed to making teaching in Britain world class.

The Tories have talked down the teaching profession, allowing unqualified teachers into our classrooms and watering down standards. They have obsessed about school structures instead of the quality of teaching which is what raises standards.

David Cameron is selling our children short and he is selling Britain short too.

The next Labour Government won’t tolerate the unacceptably low standards of Maths & English which exist in some of our schools.

Under Labour, all teachers will have to become qualified. They will be given greater opportunities to further their career progression and, as in other high status professions, teachers will be expected to undertake regular professional development, linked to revalidation on a rolling basis.

Reform of teaching is part of a wider story about how Labour will build a One Nation economy where every child will have a role to play in building a better future for Britain.

Number Crunching: The Truth on Labour Debt

UK Net Borrowing


It’s official. David Cameron and George Osborne have now borrowed more in three years since May 2010 than Labour did over 13 years, according to public sector finance figures published recently.

This is the cost of their economic failure and the three damaging years of flat-lining and falling living standards we have seen since the last general election.

David Cameron and George Osborne are now set to break their promise to balance the books by 2015 and borrowing is forecast to be over £200 billion more than planned simply to pay for the costs of their economic failure.

This failure to blanace the books means the next Labour government will have to make difficult decisions on spending., but we will make different choices to secure a strong and sustained recovery that delivers rising living standards for the many, not just for the few.

Labour will get the deficit down and do so in a fairer and more balanced way.

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