Vital Chorley Postal Votes Landing Now!

Postal Vote

Chorley Postal voters have now received their ballot papers for next week’s election. Voters are able to vote ahead of the election and can also post the ballot papers back or return them directly to Chorley Town Hall.

Lindsay Hoyle, Labour’s candidate for Chorley, said:

“We’ve just over a week left of this election campaign and every vote will count, if you have a postal vote then return it as soon as you can – before you forget! If you have any problems then call Chorley Town Hall on 01257 51 51 51.”

Don’t forget you have two votes – one for the General Election and one for your local Council candidate. Make sure you use both!


Waiting for a sign?

IMG_1710 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1718

Over the weekend Labour Party members and activists have been out right across the constituency erecting huge billboards and signs in support of Lindsay Hoyle and the Labour Party.

Ahead of polling day on May 7th, local people have given the campaign a huge boost by offering up their land to the campaign.

People are keen to encourage others in Chorley to vote for Labour’s Lindsay Hoyle and to return him to Westminster to carry on the work he’s been doing on behalf of the people of Chorley since 1997.

Signs have been up in all parts of Chorley, from Charnock Richard right up to Clayton, all in prime locations.

Garden stakes have also been popping up around the area as people use their own gardens to get behind Labour.

Lindsay said:

“We’ve put these signs up ourselves this weekend, its been great fun – albeit hard work. People have been in touch over the last few weeks offering up their land for us to use.

It’s really encouraging that local people are not only supporting me, but also want to encourage their neighbours to do the same.

Everywhere we go, the message is the same, people want to ‘keep it local’ they know that I will fight for them in Westminster and try and fight to make sure their quality of life is improved. I am proud to come from Chorley and the local support I’ve seen today has been fantastic.”

Cllr Alistair Bradley said:

“A huge thanks to the people of Chorley who have asked for signs and billboards – people are impressed with the work of Chorley Council so far and want to show their support. They want people to vote Labour in the General and Local elections on May 7th.

Residents understand that we’ve found creative ways to bring in funds, such as purchasing Market Walk whilst continuing to look after the most vulnerable in Chorley by reintroducing things like meals on wheels.”


Labour Kick Starts General Election Campaign

Launch 2     Members

Last night Chorley Labour Party kick started the most exciting General Election campaign in recent history.

Labour Councillors, members and supporters attended the official campaign launch in Chorley town centre.

Lindsay Hoyle, who has been the Member of Parliament for Chorley since 1997 was officially endorsed by the party ahead of polling day on May 7th.

Members and supporters who have got behind the campaign turned out in big numbers to hear Lindsay explain why he is the best man to represent his home town, Chorley.

He said:

 “I want to run a positive campaign and get out on the doors and talk to people about why Labour is on their side; Labour Chorley Council has delivered for people and we need a Labour government that will build a strong economic foundation that will allow us to increase living standards; and secure the future of vital services like the NHS and our schools. Dogmatic cuts are not the answer”

 “I have lived in Chorley all my life and because my roots are firmly based here I care passionately about our community. My priority has always been to promote local interests and represent Chorley Parliament.”

 Tom Watson, former Deputy Chair of the Labour Party attended the visit to endorse Lindsay’s candidature.

 He said:

 “Lindsay has been a fantastic advocate for the people of Chorley in Westminster, he’s fought on behalf of his constituents and held successive governments to account on their behalf. I’ve seen him in action and we need to return him to Westminster on May 7th.

 Cllr Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council concluded the night rallying support and reminding members of the importance of the local government elections.

 He concluded:

 “The people of Chorley have two votes on polling day, they can choose to return local champion, Lindsay Hoyle as well as help place more Labour Councillors on Chorley Council to help us build on our success with regenerating the town and our villages. We have high hopes for Chorley.”



Labour Chorley Council Freezes Council Tax With Market Walk Profit

Market Walk

Chorley Borough Council purchased Market Walk for £23m in November 2013.

The authority had estimated the annual profit to be £0.5m but it has revealed it has made a profit of £1m.

Despite the council’s reduction of £883,000 in its central government grant, its Leader, Labour councillor Alistair Bradley, said the income meant it has avoided having to lose services and allowed flexibility on council tax.

In fact, he said it has been able to improve some, such as parks and play areas, and freeze council tax payments.

Labour said there were four units empty out of the 35 units when the authority bought the shopping centre from Orchard Street Investments and now there is only one empty shop.

The authority has plans to extend the car park in the Market Walk to create an additional nine retail units.

Chorley Borough Council is pursuing a path which other local authorities may want to follow.

The council has already been told that by Central Government its grant will be reduced by 15.5% so its decision to take the plunge and buy the Market Walk now appears to be paying off.

Chorley Conservative’s opposed the idea at the time, quite ironic give that it has been a Labour administration which has gone down the enterprise route.

The authority will now get a better deal next year from the government’s New Homes Bonus, an extra £250,000.